Letters & Lyrics

Letters & LyricsMay 6, 2014

Dear Readers,

I’ve always enjoyed handwriting personal letters to grandmothers and aunts, my soldier cousin George in Viet Nam, or my young wife sister-cousin Jimmie Lynn hauled away to Okinawa, or my best high school friend Joyce Cobler Cambell who moved to a different state. I love addressing the envelopes, licking them closed and the postage stamp, and placing my letter on the mailbox for the postman to pick up. Okay, today it’s more peel and stick 🙂

So there will be times when I just write a letter to you–or to God. I might post other peoples’ letters. I have a couple of characters many of you might know, Rebecca and Levi Baylor from VOW UNBROKEN. They’re cousins reared as siblings because their fathers, brothers, were both killed in a logging accident. We left them in VOW fixin’ to have a new Daddy in the house, Rebecca was nine and Levi about to turn fifteen.

After the Republic of Texas wins its independence, Levi leaves home to become a Texas Ranger with his young friend Wallace Rusk who he met on the road to San Jacinto. He and Uncle Henry were going to join the fight, and Wallace became like the brother he always wanted. Rebecca misses her brother-cousin and writes him lots of letters. Between her letters and Levi’s stories of his sister-cousin, Wallace thinks he’s in love though he’s never laid eyes on the beautiful Rebecca.

That’s where book two HEARTS STOLEN picks up, but it’s here where you’ll get to read the letters between these two precious ones you came to love in VOW UNBROKEN. So come back and enjoy reading the letters

Music is also a big part of my life, and I’m blessed that God gives me new songs, so there will be times I’ll post the lyrics to the songs He’s given me. With a little help, I’m hoping to learn how to video my songs and put them on YouTube, so there may just be a link with my songs soon.

So come back and leave me comments! Be blessed and at peace!