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Rocksteady Resolutions  You might notice that the young lady who IS rocksteady with resolutions has the same last name as I do, but this only means I know her all the better to recommend her! Janis is #1 honorable and of the highest integrity because she loves the Lord! #2 Smart as a whip and just amazing #3 Not afraid of W*O*R*K ! She will jump in and do whatever you need done, and there will be NO CONCERNS that you’re getting your dollars’ full value for anything she does for you! You cannot go wrong hiring Janis for your virtual assistant!


My Favorite Blogs (alphabetically!)

Faith, Friends, and Chocolates  I post once every nine weeks here and have come to love these lady friends from their posts! You are sure to get a blessing when you stop by Faith, Friends, and  Chocolates!

India’s Crown In Christian Literature Excellence  I met my wonderful sister-friend Holly Michael just before the 2013 ACFW Conference in Indianapolis, drawn to her on the “Newbie” loop – both our first time to go! She’s married to a remarkable Indian Bishop of the Anglican Church. Her love for the Indian people and the scarcity of good Christian fiction available there to the millions of Christians–not to mention the Hindu and Muslim Indians to be reached with the gospel through America’s Christian author community. Every week, you’ll meet one of these amazing authors, and have the opportunity to win a copy of their book!

Overcoming With God  This is a place on the net where you can go and spend an afternoon – literally! There are so many encouraging words to read here, good reviews out the kazoo,  and you’ll meet lots of Christian authors! And I love the ladies that keep it running, too! Carrie Fancett Pagels (Yorktown, Virginia), Diana Flower and  Teresa Matthews (both from West Columbis, South Carolina), Noela Nancarrow (Queensland, New Zealand) and Marian Baay (Middelharris, Netherlands)! Love and big hugs from Texas!

Stitches Thru Time  What a fun blog to be a part of! Something different every day!  Musing Mondays – devotional posts /  Tidbit Tuesdays – historical or research tidbits  /  Woven Wednesdays – craft/recipe posts  /  Thought-full Thursdays – book reviews /  Fun Fridays – fun days /  Sit-Down Saturdays – author interviews SO stop by anytime and enjoy!

WritingStraight  Her you’ll find a refreshing jambalaya of thoughts, information, news – what’s trending. It’s a quiet, peaceful site, and Holly Michael, its creator and chief upkeeper. You’ll be glad you stopped by and enjoy perusing there!


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