Character Corner

HISTORICAL CHRISTIAN ROMANCES - alphabetically   READERS, I HAVE A QUESTION FOR YOU 🙂 How Much do you want here? If I add much as the series progresses...will I spoil it for you? Should I divide it by books? Should I say "Spoiler if you haven't read..." before a section?   Baylor, LEVI Bartholomew - born November 1817  to Jacob and Rachel; his mother passed the day of his birth; his father and Uncle Andrew passed in a logging accident 1822 when Levi was five. His Aunt Sue, Andrew's widow raised him / becomes a Texas Ranger of great renown Baylor, REBECCA Ruth - born June, 1823 to Sue Baylor, widow of Andrew; nicknames Becky and Bitty Beck; 9 years old on the Jefferson Trace in 1832 Baylor, Susannah 'SUE' Alicia Abbott - born May 1803 / 18 when married to Andrew Baylor (1821), 29 when marries Henry (1832) Buckmeyer, Patrick HENRY - born March, 1798 in  / killed a man with his bare hands at 15 / with Andrew Jackson at the age of 16 for Battle of New Orleans / 34 when he marries Sue (1832) Buckmeyer little ladies in 1844 (Hearts Stolen): MARY RACHAEL is already eleven (born August 3, 1833) GWENDOLYN BELLE ten (born November 29 1834) CECELIA (CeCe) CAROL is eight (born April 10, 1836) BONNIE CLAIRE is 3, almost 4 (born December 1840)   Nightengale, CHARLES Nathaniel Senior - born 1805 / Nightengale, Charles ‘CHARLEY’ Nathaniel Junior - born Feb ‘40 Nightengale, Rosaleen ‘ROSE’ (SASSY) Summer Foglesong – born in August 1823 married at 15 in the fall of 38, stolen summer July of 39 Rusk, WALLACE – born 1819 (for month of year, needs to be 16 on way to join Houston)