Young Adult

The Days of Dread Trilogy

Wholesome fantasy compared by more than one reviewer to C.S. Lewis.’

In an effort to introduce young people to a scenario that could happen tomorrow…to boost their faith that Christians serve a God Who is Love and will never leave or forsake them, Who will guide and protect them and provide every need in all situations. Be watching for angels unaware…you may never know that they are there.

Christian fictionBook One THE KING’S HIGHWAY debuted October 10, 2015.  When airplanes start falling out of the sky, the care and safety of his younger siblings fall solely to fifteen-year-old Jackson Allison. Unaware of what’s happened to render all things electric useless, he is fiercely determined to keep his thirteen-year-old sister McKenzie and nine-year-old brother Cooper safe–that means leaving the relative safety of their Irving apartment in the suburb closest to the DFW Airport to travel on foot over 150 miles northeast to their grandparents home in Honey Grove.






Mid-Grade Chapter Books

The River Bottom Ranch Stories

Wholesome tales mostly from the animals’ points of view.’

Grami and O’Pa decided to use their grandchildren’s middle names for the children in these books, Naomi Elizabeth is the main character in book one with her brother Seth Ebeling running a close second. Michael Lawrence and Mercedes Michelle make appearances, too. Now all the grandchildren want to know when their books are coming out! He wrote these with me, but in the re-releases of these books, we left his nmae off because he enjoys more privacy than Caryl.

The Adventures Of Sergeant Socks of the River Bottom Ranch Stories

Christian fictionBook One THE ADVENTURES OF SERGEANT SOCKS released in September of 2003 with a big shebang at the Barnes and Noble at the Irving Mall. Sarge went to the book signing with us and we had lots and lots of children who came and got their picture made with him.

There’s a lot of truth woven into the fiction concerning Sarge’s early days. Some of the things that happen in the book came from O’Pa reading an interesting fact in one of our Quarter Horse Journal magazines, like snake bite usually only hurting curious colts who got bit on the nose, but even then, the bite wasn’t usually fatal. He also read about mares foaling more often in storms to keep predators away from their new babies!

Several artists drew pictures for the book, but none of them were close to what Grami saw in her head, so she told O’Pa, “I think if I practice and practice, I can draw the pictures of horses I see in my head.” So that’s what she did. She carried paper and pencils everywhere she went and drew horses. She said she wished that she had kept some of those early drawings because they looked more like funny dogs or even pigs than horses, but she kept practicing and studying the animals and pictures of horses. She got them to where they were acceptable to her. You be the judge.

Book two THE BRAVEST HEART debuted in 2005. Michael (Lawrence in the book) and Seth (Eb in the book) play equal parts. Based on the reaction of book one readers who fell in love with Uncle Dan, Grami decided to give the wise and loving mentor a bigger part in book two. He’s such a good horse!

But this novel is all fiction except that Grami and O’Pa feel like they know all the River Bottom Ranch characters so well in real life, they can write them pretty much as they are. But the adventure of the horse trailer being stolen with the horses inside it and the boys accidentally being taken as well then facing so many dangers—that came strictly from these fun grandparents’ imagination.




3rd Book of The River Bottom Ranch Stories

AMAZING GRACI, GUARDIAN OF THE RIVER BOTTOM GOATS released in the spring of 2008, right after the big move to the Lydia Branch of the River Bottom Ranch.spotlights a new herd at the ranch. Oh, Graci and her goats are introduced in Sarge’s books, and now they get to be the stars. The precious Great Pyrenees pup joins the animals at the ranch with a job to do. Her mama taught her responsibility well, but before she can keep the herd of Nigerian Dwarf goats safe, she must earn their trust and respect.

There’s a handsome drop-off named Scout she must deal with. Remember that pack of wild dogs in Sarge’s book one? Well, Scout’s fallen in with the trouble makers whose half-coyote leader likes goat for dinner. Should Graci believe a word he says? He seems so genuinely fond of her.

You’re sure to fall in love all over again as you did with the ranch’s lovable orphan colt with this gentle giant, and you’ll enjoy hearing from Sarge, Uncle Dan, and a few other characters you met in the first two River Bottom Ranch Stories!



O’Pa and Grami love bringing all our mid-grade books to elementary schools and sharing about writing with the students from Kindergarten to fifth or sixth grade! Show your librarian your book and ask her to invite us. She can read about the school visits at this web site.