Replenish the Earth

Biblical Fiction

Volume 3

God always has a good plan for the righteous.

Sin fills the world with violence, but faith carries Noah and his family above the flood through the storm. In the harshness of Mount Ararat where they disembark, nothing compares to the lushness of Adam’s Valley—their home left behind.
And troubles surviving the thirteen months on the Ark can’t match the struggles they face to forge new lives in a hard land where the mist no longer rises up every evening…where instead of a protective covering cloud of water above, the brutal sun beats down and unpredictable storms batter the inhabitants.
Still, the Lord has given the sons of Noah a mandate.

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A few 5-Star Reviews:

Riding out Noah’s Ark voyage was not all “hallelujahs”. This book tells it like it is, at least as it might have been. One family with wedded brothers and sisters, below deck with every animal known to man, is not a Genesis yacht party. Issues and dysfunction grew amongst the mildew. Noah’s family story is typically told as a children’s yarn, but Caryl McAdoo has transformed it into reading for youth through grandparents.

Caryl McAdoo’s Biblical Fiction falls somewhere between Biblical paraphrasing and an ancient Holy Land reality TV series. McAdoo’s storytelling of 40 days of stormy Ark-living, plus months after, is unique, fun, and even enlightening. Not only does “REPLENISH THE EARTH” offer an inside-the-ark description of setting and likely events, but also gives readers a fictionalized picture of the lifestyle of Angels of the Heavenly realm. That’s a lot packed into one short story. After reading the less than 100 page story, McAdoo offers scripture and reasoning for some of her elaborations regarding the details of Noah and family. I do not always agree with McAdoo’s theological reasoning, but I sure do like her story writing style.

This is a great addition to McAdoo’s ongoing series of “The Generations.”

Individual series books can be read stand-alone, but if done so, it’s like reading a Bible book and ignoring the related others. I recommend all, and I’m anticipating another fun read in the next of the series to be released soon, “Children of Eber.” Its 1st chapter was included with this book.

A Little Lower Than The Angels (The Generations from God) (Volume 1)
Then The Deluge Comes (The Generations Book 2)

Harold ‘Doc’ Wolfe, avid reader

Caryl McAdoo has retold the familiar Genesis flood account with clarity and sensitivity. While remaining faithful to the King James Version, the human story beneath the print page comes alive drawing the reader into the pathos and joys of real breathing people faced with the most devastating natural disaster ever known in human history, one which survives in the mythology of every culture and race, but which is most fully and literally told in the pages of the Bible. This reviewer loved this segment of The Generations Series and heartily recommends the whole work.

Cass Wessel, multi-published author of devotionals

REPLENISH THE EARTH is the third installment in The Generations series, and I loved it just as much as I did the first two. Caryl has taken the story of Noah and the flood and written it in such a way to capture the emotions and feelings of Noah and his family that leaves the reader feeling as if you are living the story with them and experiencing first hand their trials and victories and the working of God in their lives. This book is a wonderful addition to an excellent series that I definitely recommend. This is an amazing series that has really enabled readers to see these stories in a new and wonderful light. Caryl has really brought them to life.

Ann Ellis, Texas reader

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